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Radio Mobile

Radio Mobile is software that simulates RF propagation and is dedicated to amateur radio and humanitarian use. Although commercial use is not prohibited, the author cannot be held responsible for its usage. Radio Mobile software is a copyright of Roger Coudé VE2DBE. The outputs resulting from the program are under the entire responsibility of the user, and the user should conform to restrictions from external data sources.

Radio Mobile is a valuable source of information while performing RF studies. As long as the limitations of the software are respected the results can be very accurate.

How RFSee contributes to the Radio Mobile community

As Radio Mobile is poorly documented by the source RFSee is performing studies on Radio Mobile to verify performance  and functionality. These results are fed back to the author of Radio Mobile to enable Radio Mobile to be as reliable as possible. RFSee puts it's knowledge of Radio Mobile in the 'Radio Mobile Tutorial and Knowledge database'. This Radio Mobile Tutorial and Knowledge database is free accessible in the spirit of Roger Coudé.

RFSee is using Radio Mobile and creates a large variety of files. Many of these files can be reused without limitation and are therefore published on this site as free data.

Access the free data on this website

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Radio Mobile coverage simulation of a Logperiodic antenna on VHF
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